TripSecure Consumer Terms & Conditions

*Trip Secure Credit is non-refundable, and applicable only to travel arrangements booked directly with GOGO Vacations and where GOGO Vacations is the merchant of record. Must contain a land component and be purchased by all travelers on the booking no later than 7-days after initial deposit is paid or by the final payment date whichever comes first. Trip Secure Credit is not valid on instant purchase products. Program provides reimbursement in the form of a future travel credit. Cancel For Any Reason Waiver is provided by GOGO Vacations, is not insurance and covers pre-departure trip costs only. All cancellations must be confirmed by GOGO Vacations verbally or in writing prior to departure; travelers may cancel for any reason up to 2 hours prior to the vacation’s scheduled flight departure time or check-in time for hotel only bookings. Price drop guarantee applies to hotel only and includes a one-time price adjustment to Caribbean, Central America, Hawaii and Mexico FIT bookings. Travel Advisor must notify GOGO Vacations of the price drop and booking will be adjusted to the lower price providing that the lower rate is available through GOGO Vacations at time of request. Change fee waiver applies to a one-time change and any supplier fees associated with the change for FIT bookings only. Waiver is considered utilized after change is made, and a new Trip Secure Credit policy must be purchased to maintain future benefits on the booking. Future Travel Credit (FTC) is issued for the total amount paid at time of cancellation, less the amount of airfare and Trip Secure paid. FTC is issued in the names of the passengers on the original reservation, is non-refundable, non-transferrable, valid for one-year from the date of issue and may not be redeemed for cash. Full Allianz Global Assistance Beyond Plus II benefits are found here.

Allianz Global Assistance Beyond Plus II Travel Protection Policy Terms and Conditions

  • Allianz Global Assistance Beyond Plus II Travel Protection Policy provides post departure protection;
  • Allianz Global Assistance Beyond Plus II Travel Protection Policy cost is refundable within 15 days of purchase, depending on state of residence, provided you have not departed on the trip or filed a claim. After this timeframe the cost is non-refundable. This does not include the cost of the Cancel for Any Reason Waiver, which is nonrefundable.
  • If desired, the plan cost must be added and paid in full within 7-days of initial trip deposit or at time of final payment, whichever comes first.

Cancel For Any Reason Waiver

  • Notice to Minnesota, Missouri, and New York residents (and residents from all other states): The Cancel For Any Reason Waiver is provided by GOGO Vacations and is not insurance.
  • Travelers will receive a credit voucher (less the travel protection plan cost) valid for 12 months from date of issue. Voucher is for both paid land only components and any applicable travel advisor service fees, except airfare, which is ticket value credit and carrier rules apply.
  • If the number of individuals occupying the room decreases, the remaining travelers will be responsible for additional costs incurred as a result of the change in per person occupancy rate.
  • When travelers “no show” including without limitation, the traveler does not check in or is denied boarding the Cancel For Any Reason Waiver does not apply.
  • Groups Bookings:
    • Cancel For Any Reason Waiver cannot be purchased for the entire group by the group leader at the signing of the group contract or at any time. For the avoidance of doubt the Cancel For Any Reason Waiver must be purchased by each individual traveler on a group;
    • The plan cost must be added and paid in full when group passengers individually deposit for their rooms;

Pre-Departure Cancellations/Refunds:

  • Future Travel Credit voucher will be processed within 30 business days upon notice to us.