Making the Most of Vacation Days

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August 22, 2023
How to Make the Most of Vacation Days

Many people get two or three weeks of vacation time each calendar year. As a travel advisor, you can use your expertise to help travelers make the most of their precious vacation days when planning a trip. From booking memorable family trips and romantic getaways to luxurious escapes and group gatherings, we’ve rounded up all the ways to help them get more vacation time with fewer days off work.

Winter Escapes

How to Make the Most of Vacation Days

Both Martin Luther King Day and Presidents Day offer the opportunity for either an extended weekend escape or a longer 9-day trip by only using four vacation days.

Taking off the Thursday and Friday before either of these holidays turns the long weekend into five consecutive days to allow for an easy trip to Florida or Mexico for some much-needed heat.

Consider taking off the 4 days after the Monday holidays and take advantage of the adjoining weekends to create a refreshing 9-day break to extend relaxing in the sun or consider a long-haul sightseeing trip to Europe or farther destinations.

Spring Break Opportunities

How to Make the Most of Vacation Days

Although March does not have any national holidays to take advantage of, it can often be one of the best times to travel with less crowded to contend with, cheaper prices and great deals to try something new.  You can help point out some of the best deals for your clients during this time period.

For the traditional spring break time period, many companies are closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday, and by utilizing four vacation days between these dates and adding on the weekends provides your clients the opportunity to create a 10-day break. This makes for a perfect time for a longer family trip or a romantic escape. A late spring trip to the Caribbean offers shoulder season prices, fewer crowds, and every-so slightly cooler weather (and by that we mean between 80 and 86 degrees). Plus, with hurricane season not starting for another few months, it’s one of the best times to go.

With warmer days toward the end of spring, it is easy to tack on an extra day to the Memorial Day holiday to spend some additional before the summer kicks into full gear.

Summertime Adventures

How to Make the Most of Vacation Days

The summer months offer many opportunities to squeeze in a few extra days and create some added time for travel for your clients. There are three opportunities to get nine days of summer vacation by using just four days in either June, July or August.

The Juneteenth, Independence Day and Labor Day holidays can be extended to create a relaxing 4-day weekend, or if they have a few more days to spare taking the four days off surrounding these holidays will create a 9-day run.

Summer is the ideal time for a long-haul getaway when the kids are off from school and these holiday breaks offer an easy way to spend quality time together.

Fun in the Fall

How to Make the Most of Vacation Days

For the perfect time for a longer trip consider taking the full week off after Veteran’s Day, and the three days before Thanksgiving.  Although this requires using eight vacation days it provides seventeen days off in a row.
If your clients are unable to take that much consecutive time away suggest adding some time to the Thanksgiving weekend, which always seems a bit too short.  Travelers can easily stretch things out by taking a day or two surrounding the holiday for the opportunity to book a visit with family, a quick trip to Mexico, or some iconic destinations.


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