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Castle Inn & Suites Vacation Package

Anaheim, California

Offer ID: 141461

3 nights from $439*

BOOK BY: 01-31-2021
VALID FOR TRAVEL: 11-01-20 - 06-16-2021


  • 3 night accommodations
  • Hotel transfers
  • Sightseeing excursion


  • 4th night free
  • Includes admission to Legoland with transportation to and from hotel

At Legoland your kids or the kid in you will have a blast creating or recreating childhood memories from the world's most popular toy building bricks LEGOS! This interactive theme park has more than 60 rides, shows and attractions to choose from for a full-filled day of adventure!

As you enter Legoland, you're greeted by Bronte, the big bright red 9 foot dinosaur completely made of Lego from nose and to tail. Begin your all hands-on interactive experience at any of the themed areas. Explore Adventure Land in search of stolen treasures by blasting targets with laser guns.

Visit Miniland USA and see mini versions of some of America's popular cities, such as New York City, our nation's capital Washington D.C. and more. Here, you'll also see their newest LEGO Star Wars feature.

Ride the Coastersaurus in Dino Land where you can also be a Paleontologist for the day and dig for fossils. Go on the Safari Trek in Duplo. Village and find yourself up close to life-size gorillas, elephants and giraffes all amazingly made from Lego bricks.

You'll get a chance to experience The Lego Movie a different dimension from behind the scenes. Made entirely of Lego bricks, see how Emmet, the brave mini-figure goes on a quest to stop an evil tyrant from gluing the Lego Universe.

If you're looking for thrills and wanting to stretch your mind, the Imagination Zone is where the action is. Learn how robots are made or build one yourself at Lego Mindstorms. Go on one of their exhilarating rides - AquaZone Wave Racer and Lego Technic Coaster where you'll be racing and zipping through air and water.

Be sure to check out the shows at the Fun Town stage where learning about fire safety is more entertaining than educational.

There's also the World of Chima, a 4D experience that takes the family on an adventure with the animal tribes of Chima who compete in the battle for CHI a mystical energy source.

With several areas to explore and plenty activities to experience, this one-kind-of-a-kind interactive park will have everyone in your family entertained the whole day through.