Carnival Fascination Southern Caribbean Cruise

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Cruise departing from San Juan, Puerto Rico, United States for 7 days from $419* +101 TAXES/FEES

BOOK BY: 12/31/2019
VALID FOR TRAVEL: 02/02/2020 - 02/09/2020


  • 7 day cruise aboard with Carnival's Carnival Fascination


  • Reduced rates

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Hi, I'm San Juan...and I can see the future. I see you frolicking on my miles of beaches. You are laughing and relaxing and exploring. You appear to be very tan.

I promise to protect and guide you through centuries of history at my El Morro and Castillo de San Cristobal fortresses. I just know you'll love exploring the cannons and ramparts.

Move your feet forward while your mind wanders into the past. I am full of old stories, architecture and delectable Puerto Rican cuisine. Your future is bright. And historical.

Soar through my magnificent tropical forest reserve. I predict many exciting memories, beautiful photographs and a chance to let your mind (and hair) fly free. I also see you smiling. A lot.

Hi, I'm St. Thomas, gateway to the US Virgin Islands. Seeking beauty and bliss? Follow me to treasures untold. (I mean, not exactly untold...I'm going to tell you about them right now.)

Fly away on a magical parasailing adventure. From way up high, spot all my treasures at once. Feel my warm breeze blowing through your hair while you enjoy riches beyond compare.

Ride on a high-speed catamaran and drop anchor near my most fantastic beaches. Explore my warm ocean water as you discover treasures of brightly-colored seahorses and tropical fish.

I'm practically covered in Xs. My top-ten list includes Drake's Seat, Devil's Triangle and Skyline Drive. Explore my greatest treasures. Then we'll do some rum tasting. That oughta hit the spot.

Hi, I'm St. Maarten. Being half French and half Dutch makes me Frutch! And when you combine two stellar nations on one incredible island, vacation gets a whole lot more exciting.

Rev up your inflatable motorboat engines and feel my warm breeze as you cruise over my waters. Then get a front front-row view of my Frutch fish friends under the sea.

I am home to three America's Cup sailboats. Come race them on a mini version of the real course. Or just sit back and enjoy the ride...Frutch style.

Did you know the Frutch can walk on water? We also lounge, sip cocktails and play there, too. Join us! Snorkel and sun yourself in my tiki hut. It's good to be Frutch.

Hi, I'm St. Kitts. Not to name-drop, but I knew Christopher Columbus. He named me. We had some good times together... swimming, lounging and, of course, exploring. Here's why you'll love me to.

See for miles on my safari in the sky. Hear my wildlife chirping, tweeting, and cheering you on as you fly by. You can try not to yell "zip-a-dee-doo-dah." But you will. They all do.

Ride my train and gaze at my impressive landscape. Then hop aboard one of my catamarans and enjoy my coastline from the water. By land, I rule the tracks, and by sea, I love to monkey around.

Experience an off-roading adventure with breathtaking, panoramic views. Every bumpy ride has a smooth finish when you sun and sip on the beach. On a scale from 1 to 10, I'm off the charts.