An Epic Guide to Extraordinary Excursions

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February 9, 2024
two pigs on a shoreline

As a travel advisor, helping your client plan dream vacations is so much more than just selecting a destination.  Understanding what they are looking to see, do and experience can elevate their vacation into something truly magical and memorable. GOGO’s wide-ranging breath of excursions and in-destination experiences are also another way to maximize your earnings when booking a vacation with us.  From zip-lining to wildlife adventures, sailing, and more, our experts have curated a selection of excursions and in-destination experiences for all types of travelers.

Wildlife Encounters

An Epic Guide to Extraordinary Excursions

For your clients looking to get up close and personal with the wonders of wildlife, several destinations offer unique opportunities to jump in and experience the native fauna these amazing destinations offer.

  1. Sting-tastic Fun
    The island of Grand Cayman is a Caribbean dream for those seeking relaxation and water adventures with sun-kissed beaches and crystal-clear calm waters. The island is home to the famous Stingray City where your clients can wade into the sea and connect with the graceful stingrays.  These majestic creatures glide effortlessly around allowing visitors to touch their velvety soft wings for a truly surreal encounter.

Where to Stay: Recommend the Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman.  This stunning resort on the famed Seven Mile Beach is the perfect spot for your clients to explore all there is to see and do on this magical island.

  1. Paddle with Pigs
    For an extraordinary adventure in the Bahamas, suggest an excursion to swim with the pigs on the Caribbean coast of Exuma.  The picturesque turquoise lagoons and stunning white sand beaches are the backdrop for your clients to jump in and paddle alongside these friendly and curious creatures who love to frolic and ham it up in the water. – no pun intended!

Where to Stay: Recommend the Reef at Atlantis, which offers lavish accommodations, upscale amenities, and all the comforts of home with residential-style suites with exclusive access to all that the Atlantis has to offer.

  1. Turtle-y Good Time
    Sea turtles are often considered a symbol of good luck and longevity with the belief that encountering a sea turtle brings good fortune.  Your clients can experience sea turtles in their natural habitat firsthand in the Riviera Maya with a visit to Akumal, which is a sea turtle haven.  Snorkelers and swimmers can experience them gliding through the water close enough to reach out and touch!

Where to Stay: Recommend the Royalton Splash Riviera Cancun, a luxurious resort in the heart of the Riviera Maya that features a water park, lazy river, world-class spa and more.

Lessons in History

An Epic Guide to Extraordinary Excursions

If your clients are looking to discover more about their vacation destination and immerse themselves in the local history, many tropical countries have historic forts, well-preserved ruins and other archeological sites to provide a captivating and meaningful experience.

  1. Mayan Marvels
    Perched atop the rugged cliffs overlooking the turquoise sea, the Mayan ruins of Tulum are a captivating destination to discover more about the fascinating Mayan culture and breathtaking coastal landscape.  A trip to this well-preserved archeological site gives your clients the opportunity to learn about the history and architectural marvels of these Mexican treasures.

Where to Stay: Recommend the Hilton Tulum Riviera Maya.  A eco-chic resort situated on a secluded bay that feels like a private beach with stunning views, calm waters and pristine white sand beaches.

  1. Step Back in Time
    Puerto Rico's enchanting Old San Juan feels like a step back in time with its cobblestone streets and quaint colorful buildings that feature authentic local shops and restaurants. Recommend that your clients try some of the traditional Puerto Rican dishes such as mofongo and arepas.  Next, they can experience the famed forts, San Cristobal and UNESCO World Heritage Site, El Morro to tour and explore the watchtowers, labyrinth of tunnels, and weathered stone walls, all with a commanding view of the sparkling sea.

Where to Stay: Recommend the Royal Sonesta San Juan on a perfect stretch of Isla Verde Beach where your clients can relax and soak up the sun after a day of exploring and discovering all there is to see and do in Puerto Rico.

  1. Anchors Away

Antigua not only offers gorgeous beaches and dramatic landscapes but also is an island rich in history.  For your clients looking to learn more about the island, suggest they visit Nelson’s Dockyard another UNSECO World Heritage Site, to explore this perfectly restored Georgian-era naval base that stands on English Harbour.  They can spend some time here walking around the English Harbour and admire the many mega yachts moored there.

Where to Stay: Recommend Galley Bay Resort & Spa, an authentic Caribbean adult-only oasis and an ideal location to explore the island. 

Outdoor Adventures

An Epic Guide to Extraordinary Excursions

If your clients are seeking outdoor adventures, there are several destinations that you could suggest that would make an ideal vacation full of exhilarating experiences and breathtaking beauty for a vacation they will surely remember.

  1. Sky's the Limit

Costa Rica provides the perfect backdrop for ziplining with its dense jungles, cascading waterfalls and stunning beaches. There are serval spots where your clients can expereince this heart-racing fun, with the most popular destination being the Monteverde Cloud Forest known for its lush canopy and diverse ecosystem. 

Where to Stay: : Recommend Planet Hollywood Costa Rica located at the base of Papagayo Gulf in Guanacaste. Your clients will be able to experience all the wonders of Costa Rica 

  1. Glow with the Flow
    Chalk Sound on the island of Turks & Caicos is widely known for its prominent bioluminescent bays. It offers a thrilling experience for your clients looking to experience the glowing waters.  Suggest an evening kayak tour where they can marvel as each paddle stroke creates a mesmerizing display that they will surely remember.

Where to Stay: Recommend Seven Stars Resort & Spa on the famed Grace Bay Beach. Offering luxurious accommodations and amenities, it is the perfect spot for your clients to relax, unwind and soak up the sun.

  1. Takes to the Seas
    Cabo San Lucas is not only known for its stunning natural beauty but also its range of many outdoor activities. No trip to Cabo would be complete without experiencing one of the most sought-after excursions ­­– a catamaran trip to take in the stunning sunsets, whale watch or snorkel.  You can recommend one of the tours to view the iconic arch, where the Pacific Ocean meets the sea of Cortez, snorkel to see the underwater sights in Santa Maria Bay, or whale watching during the winter months.

Where to Stay: Recommend the Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos a magnificent beachfront resort with spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez and minutes from San José del Cabo.

Wherever your clients are looking to go next, look no further than GOGO’s expansive global portfolio with over one million products of carefully curated vacations and in-destination experiences. With the world at your fingertips, together we can curate vacations of a lifetime.

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