Travel Protection and Global Assistance

We understand that your vacation can take a year to save for, but only a second to ruin. While you can't do anything to prevent an unexpected storm from closing the airport, you can do something to help cover your travel investment — buy travel insurance.

Travel insurance is an important aspect that should not be overlooked when booking travel. While every aspect of your trip has been planned out, Uncertainties can still happen while traveling, but having travel insurance can help ease your concerns and make dealing with those issues a lot easier.

GOGO Long Haul partners with Cover-More, the finest travel insurance company in the business. As the departure day approaches, Cover-More wants to help you be prepared for unexpected bumps in the road, so you can make the most of your vacation. All too often, flight delays or cancellations or an unexpected illness or injury give travelers more memories than they bargained for. When it comes to common travel problems before and during your trip, travel insurance can help. Cover-More plans provide insurance designed just for travelers!

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My Time is a unique experience that invites your clients to enjoy their vacation more than ever before.

From the moment your clients touchdown in their vacation destination, they'll receive superior service and exclusive treatment that no-one else can access. They will be treated to special touches, extra amenities and unique recognitions reserved exclusively for GOGO Long Haul customers, all at no extra cost.

Our My Time experience can be enjoyed by singles, couples and families, but enjoyed only when your clients book a GOGO Long Haul package.

My Time Inclusions vary among participating resorts but can include:

  • Dedicated check-in and check-out areas
  • Complimentary room upgrades based on availability
  • A welcome gift in your room
  • Late checkout time
  • Resort/Spa credits
  • Priority status throughout the resort
  • Gourmet picnic lunch accompanied by a personal butler
  • Complimentary snorkeling
  • A welcome drink
  • Free Wi-Fi access

Blue-Roads Touring Co.

Are experts in small group and tailor-made touring, offering unique, fascinating and leisurely regional tours throughout the UK & Europe. With a maximum of 18 people per tour, you can be assured of a more intimate and relaxing travel experience. From the charming, local accommodation we stay in to the unique authentic experiences we include, on a Back-Roads tour you can really take the time to immerse yourself in a particular region or destination, away from the typical tourist trail. Join us as we journey through the UK and Europe, exploring both famed and lesser-known cities, towns, and villages, traveling through the beautiful back-roads along the way: from Cornwall to the Cotswolds, the Orkneys to the Dingle Peninsula, La Provence to the Loire Valley, the Amalfi Coast to the Cinque Terre, Andalucia to the Dalmatian Coast, Delphi to Sognefjord, the Swiss Alps to Bavaria.

Why Travel with Blue-Roads Touring

We take you to places away from the standard tourist trails. By going beyond the tourist facade you get to experience more local food, crafts, history and culture. Learn the art of French cooking in a magnificent Renaissance chateau, try to speak some of the ancient Welsh language, and visit local wine, ham, cheese and vinegar producers in Italy.

Unlike large coaches, our mini-coaches can go almost anywhere a car can. We can take you to the smallest town squares, along hedge-rimmed country lanes and access tiny, medieval villages full of stories and character.

We use quality local accommodation that reflects the character of your destination. From rustic rural retreats, old country estates, traditional inns and castle hotels, every style of accommodation is in keeping with its surrounds and gives every tour the authenticity we value at Blue-Roads Touring.

The good news is that our tours rarely leave our accommodation prior to 8.30am. In fact, many departures are after 9am. After all – you are on holiday! Our relaxed tour pace will also ensure that you have plenty of time to explore on your own and socialize with your tour leader and other group members.

Many of our itineraries have at least one included lunch or dinner at one of the region’s local restaurants. We call these Culinary Experiences. Some restaurants are selected because they offer regional specialties. Others are chosen because they are popular with the locals or have a historical story

With Blue-Roads tours it's all about flexibility. With any 'included' evening meals, we guarantee you a choice of meals from the menu. We believe to make your vacation a memorable one, it's important to sample some of the delicious, locally produced wines, beers or ciders as part of your overall appreciation of the destination. And to kick off an enjoyable evening, we'll make sure that your first drink, is always on us! Blue-Roads