For over 65 years, GOGO Vacations has been a leading US travel wholesaler. With teams in locations nationwide, GOGO Vacations works exclusively with travel agents. Its in-depth product knowledge, expansive product line including My Time, provides a tremendous value to the 8,000-plus travel agencies who they serve.

Diversity Vision Statement

Flight Centre Travel Group is committed to improving diversity and inclusion within our workplace as we forge our path forward to create real, lasting change within our company. As a global leader in the travel industry, we also have the opportunity to help bring about change to the sector; we are committed to doing just that.

We acknowledge that social injustice exists in the travel industry, and within the communities that our industry impacts. We place equality and equity at the top of our agenda. We will strive to do our part to eradicate the systemic discrimination of marginalized communities within the travel industry.

Equal rights are central to the way we operate. We are an anti-racist company and stand with the communities who are discriminated against and facing continuous challenges to amplify their voices. We are committing ourselves to a better positive representation of black, indigenous and people of color and other racialized groups including, but not limited to, members of the LGBTQ2+ community, differently-abled and neurodiverse people. This started with the hiring of our first company Diversity Ambassador and will continue until racism and marginalization is eradicated, and we have achieved representation at all levels.


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